Smartphone Awards 2020!

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Marques Brownlee

2 months ago

The Best of Smartphones in 2020!
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0:00 Intro
1:42 Best Big Smartphone
4:08 Best Compact Smartphone
6:18 Best Camera Phone
8:28 Best Battery
10:10 The Design Award
14:20 Best Budget Phone
16:56 Bust of the Year
18:44 Most Improved Award
20:52 Phone of the Year
iPhone 12 mini Review:
iPhone 12 Pro Max Review:
Asus ROG Phone III Review:
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review:
Google Pixel 4A Review:
Galaxy Note 20 Review:
Galaxy Fold 2 Review:
Galaxy S20 FE Review:
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Alexander KINS
Alexander KINS Hour ago
Wow I have the fe and it's the worst phone i ever had . I use to pixel 4 xl and it's way better then this fe and you called it a bad phone 🙄
Angelia Cbcb
Angelia Cbcb 2 hours ago
Proud MVP phone owner here!! I worked for months just to save up money to buy this and it's worth it!!
Imed Hadef
Imed Hadef 5 hours ago
at least give me one phone 😭
Bearded Wolf
Bearded Wolf 6 hours ago
His "budget" phones are 500 bucks lol Guess I'm in the dirt cheap class now, because I've never bought one over $200
Cliff Chiong
Cliff Chiong 6 hours ago
The best video to watch before buying a new phone. No bullshit.
Nick Hearn
Nick Hearn 17 hours ago
So the note 20 wins best use of space/best big phone....but also wins biggest bust because of price?? 😂
Declan O Shaughnessy
Declan O Shaughnessy 18 hours ago
Samsung make great phones but in Ireland with Exynos processor not a winner sadly it is not fair to customers
Myr Rosen
Myr Rosen 18 hours ago
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Anthony pHung
Anthony pHung Day ago
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Zechariah D
Zechariah D Day ago
Look at those new phones. Me still using an iphone x.
julia redward
julia redward Day ago
your voice is so satisfying to listen to
Saim’s View
Saim’s View 2 days ago
Richa Singh
Richa Singh 2 days ago
Proud to have the phone he kept longest in his pocket😂
Eye Set
Eye Set 2 days ago
Does that trophy goes to their company?
Kid goku
Kid goku 2 days ago
Now I wanna get ride of my note 20
ZOMBuckaCurt 2 days ago
Fold 2 is by far the best designed phone
Aditya Chatterjee
Aditya Chatterjee 2 days ago
I bought my oneplus 8 pro last week and I was getting super upset that it wasnt getting any mentions. But, at the end you say that the 8 pro is the phone in your pocket rn...wooah what sigh of relief It really is a great phone.
fierce_boat592 eliasd9
fierce_boat592 eliasd9 2 days ago
Noordaully Autoparts
Noordaully Autoparts 3 days ago
I really wish when the xiaomi mi 11 ultra , oppo find x3 pro, oneplus 9 pro came out someone make a comparision review about it. For example camera and speed comparision... but i already feel the oppo find x3 pro will win.... 👍✊👊💪
charles ho
charles ho 3 days ago
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the gaming guy
the gaming guy 3 days ago
Pov:for some reason you are also watching this like 10 times
zekymurra 3 days ago
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Md Nasim Akhtar
Md Nasim Akhtar 3 days ago
OnePlus... The best but quiet one. If you have used a OnePlus phone, you would never be able to switch to anything else, even iPhone would feel like a down grade. It's so bloody good. Camera, software, battery, finish quality - feels OnePlus is the benchmark of what mobile phones should be.
Eugene Eduful
Eugene Eduful 3 days ago
Oneplus 8t?
SherleyElise Klue
SherleyElise Klue 3 days ago
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Jimmie Rhodes
Jimmie Rhodes 3 days ago
Has there been anything about the OnePlus 9 officially released, or the watch
Mr.SnugglyDick 4 days ago
No mention of Motorola Razr 5G boo
Charles Kim
Charles Kim 5 days ago
I love this dude, great insight and personality And at 1:00 he says how much he loves that other youtubers do these tech awards and said it was flattering But he’s saying “yeah, y’all fools copying me, but I do it better”
Linus Kyle
Linus Kyle 5 days ago
that's apple fan boy for you
Y Nguyen
Y Nguyen 5 days ago
He’s not an apple fan boy
bmxriderforlife1234 5 days ago
I got a s20 ultra. Pretty happy so far. Wanted the note20 ultra but it's price was high af. Also got my device on a contract cheap as fuck so best deal.
Sahil Chawla
Sahil Chawla 5 days ago
You should have specified about S20 FE, it's MVP for USA but not for other countries, as it comes with the shitty Exynos 990 processor in other countries. Strictly a no, after Thermal throttling, it performs even worse than 4 year old Snapdragon 845. After 5 Antutu Benchmark tests, it scores only 245087 points which is even lower than a $300 phone. Its a shit phone, useless buy. Wasted $700 😑😭😭😭😭
Me 6 days ago
Imagine having all of these smartphones just casually laying around
Mattern Kojo
Mattern Kojo 6 days ago
which of these phones will you generously give to me? Thanks! man.
Romanian Love
Romanian Love 6 days ago
huawei p40 Pro best camera!
Alex Trejo
Alex Trejo 6 days ago
Nice vid and explanations! Very useful! Peace
Merlin's Beerd
Merlin's Beerd 6 days ago
Perfect timing. Dropped my OnePlus 6 in my dog's water bowl while watching 😭
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor 6 days ago
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)"
Kenw KLS
Kenw KLS 6 days ago
and guess what folks. they all do the same thing!
One Above All
One Above All 6 days ago
American products and European products cry seeing this, only Chinese products are very brave to provide low prices but high-level specifications and good quality for the whole world. Because there are no American and European products that provide low prices with high-level specifications other than Chinese products. 😂
takai-san 6 days ago
This guys type of woman depends on the smartphone they have
Vanessa Asylum
Vanessa Asylum 6 days ago
Yes but we pay around 1k for the s20 for a plastic back case like for that money we meed glass phone
Team Heat
Team Heat 7 days ago
This guy gives off that clone vibe
I D 7 days ago
lookin slick breh xD
Father Of eye
Father Of eye 7 days ago
Why it looks like you are doing all this smart phones awards only for the moment when you said :the mvp goes to Samsung s20
chris ewos
chris ewos 7 days ago
Give away pls
Kevin Bihari
Kevin Bihari 8 days ago
That moment in 5 years when mkbhd will host the oscars. Also, what is the k for? You said at 10 M sucsceibers we'd know
Arnav Saxena
Arnav Saxena 4 days ago
Its in his 10 million special video
Anik Das Gupta
Anik Das Gupta 8 days ago
you forgot to say peace in the end.
Uroš Stanišić
Uroš Stanišić 8 days ago
Cruvd scren is better than flat scren
Marja Kosinar
Marja Kosinar 8 days ago
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Marja Kosinar
Marja Kosinar 8 days ago
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Jordan McCauley
Jordan McCauley 8 days ago
I know it's late....but I just bought one of these... And I love it. :-)
M. COULIBALY 3 days ago
J'achèterai moi aussi
mkasfnd fasdad
mkasfnd fasdad 8 days ago
SONY watching it like 😑
Elijah Moskowitz
Elijah Moskowitz 8 days ago
I give design to iphone 12
Michael Andrew Chua
Michael Andrew Chua 8 days ago
I have a Samsung M51 here in Philippines. Midrange phone but yeah battery is amazing
Ryle Johann Vicente MENDOZA
Ryle Johann Vicente MENDOZA 8 days ago
Me: *Mom I got stabbed in the neck* Mom: *ITS BECAUSE YOU'RE ALWAYS ON THAT PHONE*
Alireza Bagheri
Alireza Bagheri 8 days ago
S20 fe cannot be the best phone in whole world if you talking about Usa specifically you had to mention that
Sahil Chawla
Sahil Chawla 5 days ago
True, it comes with shitty Exynos 990 chipset in my Country 😵😵
Joseph PH
Joseph PH 8 days ago
havithere cave
havithere cave 8 days ago
Being myself, i skip it to Budjet Phone in no time
Haywood J'blome
Haywood J'blome 8 days ago
He's got to make another category for actual budget phones under 250$. Poco x3 deserves a mention for how good it is considering the price
Suhail 9 days ago
Note20Ultra 😍
AniX 9 days ago
watching this from S20 FE 8GB
Eric Hatake
Eric Hatake 9 days ago
Really thinking about trying out iPhones
Abhishek s 10B Roll no 16
Abhishek s 10B Roll no 16 9 days ago
Where is OnePlus 8 pro " I thought it would be top 5
Maka Fushigi
Maka Fushigi 9 days ago
Galaxy Note winning best design of 2020 is funny cause my Sony Xperia XZ had the exact same design back then
Gurukiran D
Gurukiran D 9 days ago
i would have given LG Wing as the Phone of the Year
nicolas michaud
nicolas michaud 9 days ago
I'm heterosexual and you know what You're pretty
Braeden Bett
Braeden Bett 9 days ago
he is trying so hard not to trigger apple fanbois
Jaime Reveles
Jaime Reveles 9 days ago
Heck Yeah my phone made the list, Pixel 4a FTMF Win!
Shibe Inu
Shibe Inu 9 days ago
My phone only made 2 runner ups. Pixel 5... 😭
Abhishek s 10B Roll no 16
Abhishek s 10B Roll no 16 10 days ago
Press like who watched full vedio with out skipping
ya00007 10 days ago
Go to China and India and do a review of all the phones available there but not in the US/Europe.
Scott 10 days ago
lol you kept mixing up objective and subjective
ishmam faiyaj
ishmam faiyaj 10 days ago
how much did google pay you?
Noah Jacobs
Noah Jacobs 10 days ago
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A.B. Stuff
A.B. Stuff 10 days ago
watched this, got the S20 FE the following week, and I love it ❤️
incognito 11 days ago
Best smartphone camera Iphone 12 ProMax? That overpriced crap doesn't even have a proper telephoto. 🤮
Y Nguyen
Y Nguyen 5 days ago
That is your opinion but overall the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best
SANTA MUERTE 11 days ago
Is the galaxy s10e the smallest? Up to date?
RS dipu
RS dipu 11 days ago
What about mate40 pro..?? About camera
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette 11 days ago
this is no "Smartphone Award", this is : "Please tell me Marques that I bought the RIGHT DAMN PHONE kthxbye"
reallerschel 11 days ago
MKBHD: Okay time for smartphone awards Every phone companies: take notes guys
Elvender Ideas
Elvender Ideas 11 days ago
Thanks for these awards.. well done samsung..
David Yang
David Yang 11 days ago
All the awards but he ended up using OnePlus
musmus96 11 days ago
thats the most fucked up jacket ive seen
Anthony Agbali
Anthony Agbali 11 days ago
am I the only one who got hype when S20 FE won phone of the year
Dave Williamson
Dave Williamson 11 days ago
I've been researching phones for hours recently, and just ordered, and now I get recommended this video 5 minutes too late.. except I ordered a S20 FE! *phew*
Lawi Vlog
Lawi Vlog 12 days ago
wow sir> i hoe to have anything phone here as long as you gift it to me hope you can notice me here anything ill accept heheh ill pray that its up tp ypu which one better to me
Stevie P
Stevie P 12 days ago
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harsha okin
harsha okin 12 days ago
iphone 12 launched in india for $1100 and I cant get over that fact lmfao
matija dzajevic
matija dzajevic 12 days ago
marques the stabilization on the iPhone is still real bad i get the sharpness is good but come on
Scott Stubenrauch
Scott Stubenrauch 12 days ago
TheCheetah 12 days ago
Just bought a 20 Fe Mint ;)
Βασιλειος Παπαργηρης
Βασιλειος Παπαργηρης 13 days ago
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro is the best phone for 2020
Mr Ordinary
Mr Ordinary 13 days ago
Dislike only for not mentioning huawei mate......
Filipino Conservatarian
Filipino Conservatarian 13 days ago
I'm watching this on my Sony Xperia 1 II Well anyway, Zzzzzzzzzzz.....
Arthur Looby
Arthur Looby 13 days ago
MKBHD just pissed off a lot of iPhone sheep’s. Because it didn’t win best big phone best and best phone of the year. Now all iPhone sheep’s be crying. Lol
Alex Tabara
Alex Tabara 13 days ago
We want the escobar phone story=))))))))))))
LadyDiva Alfee Rahaman
LadyDiva Alfee Rahaman 13 days ago
Thank you Marques
michael steven
michael steven 13 days ago
Fbi agent confused tracking all of his phones
Shehan Brendon
Shehan Brendon 13 days ago
Why does he keep looking up
Andywurz 13 days ago
Great presentation Marques thanks for sharing your thoughts 👍
Tiny Tofu
Tiny Tofu 13 days ago
Getting nervous from watching him hold a naked phone over a bunch of staircases.
Yannick Watt
Yannick Watt 13 days ago
@MKHD please add best gaming phone/ phone for gaming
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