The First Folding Screen Tablet!

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Marques Brownlee

3 months ago

The First Folding Screen PC is here. Is this the limits we should push?
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ExplodingFireGaming Day ago
Yeah 3 thousand is way to much. I mean you can buy a tablet, laptop, and a kindle for cheaper than that thing. Still cool looking though for sure.
Luke Hofer
Luke Hofer 2 days ago
I love those shoes when you were sitting in the chair
Sal the Sad manShark
Sal the Sad manShark 2 days ago
Tbh this is the first foldable device I'm genuinely interested in.
ScotGerCaJ 2 days ago
This kind of feels like a tryhard Microsoft Surface to me....
J Z 3 days ago
this seems like a way better use of foldable screens than in phones
ap_and_the_city !
ap_and_the_city ! 3 days ago
Where can I find the Wallpaper?
Itz Aahan Yogi
Itz Aahan Yogi 4 days ago
for people who need a bigger screen instead of placing the keyboard on the tablet ill just place it on a desk coz its bluetooth
Itz Aahan Yogi
Itz Aahan Yogi 5 days ago
i say that this is better than ipad pro and air with keyboards(in price tho performance might go to apple)
Itz Aahan Yogi
Itz Aahan Yogi 5 days ago
i love type of laptops and this one is pretty good.......but in laptop form i think the screen should be a little bigger
Al 57K
Al 57K 6 days ago
I think my 89 dollar Amazon 10 will do fine, no Wonder Republicans won't give money,besides that they steal it ,they won't let You say Look what I have ???
Deval Maheshwari
Deval Maheshwari 6 days ago
Its confirmed: Manufacturers make things matt black only so that they get a good review from MKBHD
Mikael Hemlingberg
Mikael Hemlingberg 8 days ago
The actual first folding tablet came out in 2018, it’s called ‘iPad pro’
Alano Carter
Alano Carter 8 days ago
When he said the price my head actually flew backwards 💀😭
Yoni Katzav
Yoni Katzav 9 days ago
Can the keyboard work off the screen? that you can prop the screen up and use the whole 13 inches for viewing?? Pretty kool either way....better if keyboard can lay on table and be stashed in fold for transport...
Joey Altieri
Joey Altieri 9 days ago
Tech like this proves we are actually living in that 2020's future everyone thought about in like 2010, folding phones, wireless charging, smartwatches, smart glasses, etc. Everyone we are living in the future we thought about in what will 2050 be like?
Rein's Live
Rein's Live 9 days ago
If there's a virtual keyboard there, ill buy it
AlanMtz 9 days ago
This is incredibly well engineered by Lenovo, can't wait to see how it evolves
Subhojit Bose
Subhojit Bose 10 days ago
X1 fold vs iPad Pro 2020 12.9”
Siri akshita
Siri akshita 10 days ago
0:57 u kept all of the folding phones but u forgot the oldest folding phone
Guadalupe Allen
Guadalupe Allen 10 days ago
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Sean T
Sean T 11 days ago
I was worried for that mug...
Tiffany Steele
Tiffany Steele 12 days ago
Some how I don't think my kidneys are worth enough to pay for that tablet.
Lorde 12 days ago
Man I’d love one, But three thousand, is a big of a turn off. I hope Lenovo develops more affordable folding screen computer/tablet.
Esahvvin 14 days ago
Ive a question, can thinkpad x1 fold handle a high graphic and games like "Genshin Impact"?
raif ranjha
raif ranjha 14 days ago
raif ranjha
raif ranjha 14 days ago
raif ranjha
raif ranjha 14 days ago
raif ranjha
raif ranjha 14 days ago
Explorer Tech
Explorer Tech 15 days ago
How about a borderless version of lenovo that would be much preferable
mike t
mike t 15 days ago
Just, why? This is only waste of money.
gg rubio
gg rubio 16 days ago
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Navaneeth PS
Navaneeth PS 17 days ago
Considering that many laptops have plastic screens, and this is built near perfectly within current technical limitations this is worth the money. I mean the galaxy fold is almost 2000 usd, so why not?
Fatima Ahmad
Fatima Ahmad 17 days ago
when you closed it with the keyboard I actually fell in love for a moment there.
Fatima Ahmad
Fatima Ahmad 17 days ago
when you first closed it my jaw dropped. it looks really nice folded, almost like a book.
swag rebex gamer
swag rebex gamer 18 days ago
Is Lenovo making a comeback??
Jálale Jeowkr
Jálale Jeowkr 19 days ago
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Lautaro MMB
Lautaro MMB 19 days ago
Mr Mobile got a lot of problems and bugs with this machine since the OS is not well optimazed, you didn’t have any of this bugs?
GilBipp 19 days ago
Wow! This is exactly what I need for my very light travels - if only it was a fair bit cheaper...-)
Robert Lee Su Yee 李舒誉
Robert Lee Su Yee 李舒誉 19 days ago
it like choose between : getting one wife (this convertible tablet/laptop) or getting two wife (tablet and laptop).
chadbailey30 19 days ago
I can't wait till these folding screens become more common, usable, and affordable!! I'm all for this being the future!!!
npgoalkeeper _
npgoalkeeper _ 19 days ago
my moneys on AR
slickmechanick 19 days ago
Great review man, very cool device. If I had the cash to spare I'd pick one up right away
GuidetteExpert 20 days ago
How is the camera?
Endkeeper 20 days ago
that thing is dope
Harsh Chaudhari
Harsh Chaudhari 20 days ago
Was Microsoft Surface Tablet a joke?
Felipe Reis
Felipe Reis 20 days ago
Wow loved it, just holy sh** this thing is expensive haha
Lukasz Kludczynski
Lukasz Kludczynski 21 day ago
To be honest that device is so so so impressive but I have preordered Galaxy Book Flex2 5G, 13" and having laptop and tablet in one is great but I’m totally into real keyboard 100%
Hot Trash
Hot Trash 21 day ago
When this thing is better than my pc tower
JT 21 day ago
this guy has got to have an enormous tool - I mean, look at those fkin hands! doesn't hurt that he's rather hot and absolutely smart and attentive :D
Aldon Santo
Aldon Santo 21 day ago
download windows whiteboard and put that tablet in book mode then use the pen. Its like ypu are taking notes with a book and a pen.
Aldon Santo
Aldon Santo 21 day ago
also the 2nd generation version or x2 should be less bezels , good keyboard and a bit bigger.
Marcus X
Marcus X 21 day ago
3k 🙀 damn .. gotta wait a few years until these are 1k
Anthony W
Anthony W 21 day ago
13 inch display which when folded in half equals 2x9.6 inch... The math seems off.
Jerry C
Jerry C 23 days ago
Crazy how it has fan vents in that form factor when the Apple M1 fanless chassis exists. Intel hurry up!
m ofi
m ofi 24 days ago
i just go with my ultrathin 13" and 15" notebooks. this "tablet" is so thick...i have not use for that one. at 3:24 it's on the point: "so, why would you wan't this"'s not about, why you need this one, only why you should WANT one.
Xhuljo Imeri
Xhuljo Imeri 25 days ago
Definitely a foldable laptop. Foldable smartphone? Doesn't make sense to me.
jim seibert
jim seibert 26 days ago
I certainly like the direction it going.
Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky 26 days ago
I was so excited until he revealed the price...
gandom lee
gandom lee 26 days ago
I'm done with technology always trying to suck me into buy something new lol. Very interesting product
Justine Asuncion
Justine Asuncion 26 days ago
You can buy me i can fold myself
truth138 26 days ago
I love the idea..... hybrid..I would buy today if I had the money....when the price comes down, I will buy...3k is very rich for me.
Jude Mitchell
Jude Mitchell 28 days ago
I have a folding tablet its called a laptop
Olive Papyrus
Olive Papyrus 28 days ago
Nicholas Boden
Nicholas Boden Month ago
Is anybody else getting windows surface vibes
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver Month ago
out of the 6 years I got my laptop I had to change my keyboard 5 times.
SuperGirl1970 Carver
SuperGirl1970 Carver Month ago
I need a separate keyboard considering I'm heavy handed. I'd wind up breaking the screen.
Shockey Wren
Shockey Wren Month ago
This is amazing
Shockey Wren
Shockey Wren Month ago
Can I make captions for this video?
Alexander Dukes
Alexander Dukes Month ago
When he closed it with the keyboard inside.... Whew, lawd! 😜
Aviv Agmon
Aviv Agmon Month ago
i was going to buy this until you said the price
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Month ago
This is a really incredible device. Lenovo hasn't let me down so far!
Mukarram Shahzad
Mukarram Shahzad Month ago
Popularity is what will get apps for foldable devices rolling. If its at a price point that only niche users can buy it, its never gonna get the developer support it needs because theres no demand to build apps for it. If companies want this to actually catch on, and make a new market segment for them, they will have to eat the rnd cost and sell in normal price range.
Sony Prabowo
Sony Prabowo Month ago
The clock always shows 6.45. to show laptop mode? 🤔
bolden mywords
bolden mywords Month ago
Yes to book mode.
Devon Wanner
Devon Wanner Month ago
We are living in the future
MeMarzani Month ago
The question for foldable stuff for me is just... Why?
Elijah Dennis
Elijah Dennis Month ago
What the join my Lenovo rewards before you bye this in the ad it says earn over $140 in them
Elijah Dennis
Elijah Dennis Month ago
It’s a bigger version of a surface duo
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson Month ago
Finally a giant Samsung Galaxy Fold
Ray Month ago
This goes from cool to I'll sell my left kidney for this thing in 2 secs
Zee One
Zee One 13 days ago
I only had one left sold the first one already
Valentine Gutierrez
Valentine Gutierrez Month ago
This seems neat but stupid
Yyaann Month ago
that keyboard just fits so smoothly omg
Munashe Zinyemba
Munashe Zinyemba Month ago
Il have to sell a kidney for this
tobias fosgrau
tobias fosgrau Month ago
I'm in love with the design!
Zachary Dodge
Zachary Dodge Month ago
Was liking the idea of this thing... until I actually thought about it. It's like it's having an existential crisis where it's trying to be something it's not -- or moreso two things that it's not. I've never found the need for a tablet, especially one that's chonktastic like that. I had one for like a year, and used it a handful of times.. And as a laptop, it's so small that you could never get actual meanful work done on it (unless you have tiny hands). I mean, it would be cool to have the option of doing both things... but I thought what about the shitty ass Dell touch screen all in one that I have. 🤷‍♂️ It's cool to see the tech advance, and Lenovo seems to have a good grip on it -- but the full actual use case is still a little flimsy for me personally. It'll be interesting to see what Apple decides to do for a foldable screen device 🤔
Youxun Liu
Youxun Liu Month ago
Why not putting an ARM CPU in it? The Intel L series CPU is EXTREMELY slow and only has one high performance core (plus 4 efficiency cores of the Intel atom architecture), while consuming 7 watts. But for example the Apple M1 is 5 times faster in geekbench and only consumes 19 watts. (It also needs no fan) so pls use ARM CPUs
David Callaghan
David Callaghan Month ago
I hate sponsored videos because the review is fake he will always say to get it I mean you can’t be sponsored and say oh yeah this thing sucks so I don’t really know how good it really is
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa Month ago
Loving this device! Wow!
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa Month ago
Should've made a bigger keyboard for when it fully open. Then I'd be interested... if I had money.
mathjoker Month ago
This looks straight up amazing. Folding phones, meh. Folding tablet though? Awesome.
CRPT_Corrupted69 Month ago
I just clicked this video randomly because he was in USposts rewind 2018 LOL
More Burgers
More Burgers Month ago
This thing seems soo good
Dailydriver Month ago
If that was a bit cheaper I would consider it I love my iPad but sometimes I wish I could do some basic typing on it that I didn’t have to make it a two piece device I would prefer the iPad to convert into a laptop but I don’t want to upgrade my iPad to a better iPad with the keyboard case because it doesn’t support mouse the same way that this one does
Ray Bison
Ray Bison Month ago
Hope it gets more affordable especially where student can afford that
Waqas Month ago
OR a google glass life device showing screen in the lenses and UI controlled by gestures only. Is that too much to ask?
Gaurav Solanki
Gaurav Solanki Month ago
Folded My Wallet Back , after hearing the price.
葬火 Month ago
Thinkpads are just great. Didn't expect they'd enter the foldable screen territory, but they unsurprisingly did well.
MonoPalisa Month ago
It looked SOO COOL
Kevin Priestley
Kevin Priestley Month ago
I want a folding M1 MacBook
Calgraher Entertainment
Calgraher Entertainment Month ago
They should add whenever it closes Mario says. “Bye bye” XD like a DS
ALEX A Month ago
waiting for apple making that
Karlmit Month ago
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